Thread Vein Removal- Thermavein

Veinwave® offers the instant, safe and permanent treatment of red veins often referred to as thread veins or spider veins and medically referred to as “telangiectasia”. Veinwave® delivers a fast and effective walk in walk out total solution for the treatment of red veins and vascular blemishes. Red veins are cosmetically unsightly and are too fine to be treated in the same way as larger veins. Our Veinwave® thermo-coagulation device offers a complete solution, is a totally safe treatment, is clinically proven and is permanent.

Equipped with a polarisation light system the practitioner introduces a fine needle over the vein and in most cases it disappears instantaneously. There is no bandaging required.

Unlike IPL and Lasers, Veinwave® cannot cause loss of pigmentation. It treats red spots, a variety of vascular blemishes and troublesome red veins. Veinwave® compliments the treatment of Rosaeca and combined with Scelerotherapy, is perfect for treating legs. Veinwave® can be used equally well on men.

The sterile needle, for single use, is covered with an insulating sheath which protects the skin, enabling a targeted action without any side effects.

  • What is Veinwave?

    Veinwave is a machine which uses microwaves delivered through a needle the width of a hair. Although originally designed for the treatment of facial thread veins, Veinwave has several other uses.

  • What it can treat?

    Veinwave can be used to treat:

    • Facial and leg thread veins
    • Milia (small white dots usually on the face)
    • Skin tags
    • Cherry Angiomas
    • Ankle thread veins (in combination with microsclerotherapy)
  • What causes facial thread Veins?

    The most common causes of facial thread veins (telangiectasia) are:

    • Ageing
    • Sun exposure
    • X-rays
    • Fragile skin
    • Injury
    • Pregnancy & birth
  • ----

    • Excess Alcohol
    • Rosacea
    • Scar tissue (e.g. after face lift)
    • Long-term use of oral contraceptive
    • Long-term use of topical retinoid treatments
    • Diseases such as Lupus Erythematosus, Scleroderma, Hepatitus & Reynauds
  • What is special about veinwave?

    Veinwave delivers a very small microwave current for under 0.2s at a time, which travels a maximum of 1.5mm into the treatment area. When compared with laser or IPL thread vein treatments it is extremely safe and precise, minimising trauma to surrounding tissue.

    It truly is a gold standard treatment for facial threadveins. Veinwave is also the only treatment available for threadveins on the septum of the nose or on the eyelid!

  • Is there anything i need to do to prepare for a Veinwave Treatment?

    Ideally come to your appointment without make-up on, but otherwise there are no specific preparation instructions.

  • Who should avoid Veinwave Treatments?

    Although Veinwave is a very safe treatment, there are some people who should avoid it:

    • Pregnant women
    • Epileptic patients
    • People who have applied fake tan (a genuine suntan is not a problem)
  • Are there any side-effects of Veinwave Treatment?

    Unlike laser or IPL treatments, Veinwave doesn’t cause scarring or bruising – it is a very safe treatment.

    Surgical skin tag removal can often leave a small mark, whereas removal with Veinwave does not leave any visible mark on the skin.

  • Does a Veinwave Treatment Hurts?

    Most people don’t find Veinwave painful but describe it as a tingling sensation. It can feel slightly more tender after the treatment has finished. There are a few reasons why a treatment may feel a little more sore:

    Oily skin types or areas of the face that are more oily (around the nose) can feel more tender

    Skin tag treatments involve more intense treatment to a small area and as such can feel more tender

    If you are worried you may find it painful then you can take some Paracetamol before your treatment.

  • Are the results of Veinwave Treatment Permanent?

    Once treated, that particular thread vein or skin tag will be permanently gone. However if you have developed these conditions in the past then you may well go on to develop more in the future and these new ones would require further treatment.

  • Are the results of Veinwave instant?

    Yes, you will notice the difference from your Veinwave immediately. For many people it’s an instant ‘wow’ reaction when they look in the mirror. You will look a little flushed after your treatment, and some people do develop a little line where the vein has been – this is just where the blood in the vessel has clotted and will disappear as it is broken down.

    You will have a follow-up appointment usually around 4 weeks after your initial treatment to assess the results and the need for further treatment.

  • What does veinwave treatment involves?

    We will start by taking a thorough medical history from you, and having a look at your skin. We will also take some photographs to document your starting point. We will clean your skin thoroughly before putting on a special headset that allows us to see the veins in your skin more clearly.

    Treatment itself will last no more than 15 minutes regardless of the number of veins you have. We will not treat for longer than this as we do not want to traumatise the skin.

  • Will one Veinwave be enough for me?

    The number of treatments depends on the size of the area to be treated. As explained above the maximum time we can treat in one sitting is 15 minutes.

    If you have a very large number of thread veins you will probably require a second and maybe a third treatment session.

  • Is there anything i should avoid doing after Veinwave Treatment?

    Avoid intense exercise, saunas, steam rooms and sun exposure for 48 hours after treatment


£ 150 per session

Retreat same area within 6 weeks £75