The Bio-VitaLift is a truly unique rejuvenation procedure which combines a lifting effect with deep and long-lasting hydration to give a more youthful and natural look.

Bio-VitaLift is the innovative combination of two procedures – Hydra Booster and Lift Booster – that, due to their synergic action nourishes, moisturizes and improves the elasticity of skin in order to get it looking younger and fresher, with a long-standing lifting effect.

The first part of the treatment involves the patient being injected with a cross-linked hyaluronic acid gel to smooth superficial wrinkles and give an immediate lifting and firming effect.

The second stage of the treatment is the injection of NCTF 135HA, a highly complementary solution used to revitalise the collagen and the fibres of the skin. It contains 55 ingredients which help to reboot connective cell activity and ultimately slows down ageing.
These two products are good on their own, but when used together to they offer outstanding results.

The treatment is carried out via 2 small needle entry points, 1 each side of the face. From here a very thin, flexible, rounded ended (hence why it doesn’t really hurt) tube, known as a cannula is then used to ‘thread’ the products in a fan shape across the face under the skin. This technique creates vectors of force that create the lifting effect.

The Bio-VitaLift, can be used on the upper or lower face, around the mouth area, neck & hands to provide a smoothing of lines and intense hydration
Bio-VitLift is not only an excellent treatment for people whose face is showing signs of ageing,it is a great preventive treatment that prolongs the young and healthy appearance of the skin.

The effectiveness of the preparations used in the Bio-VitaLift treatment has been confirmed in clinical and instrumental studies:

Two sessions, spaced 3 months apart, are required for optimum results. The results obtained are very natural-looking: the skin texture and quality are visibly improved without any added volume, the complexion is more even, and the skin is more radiant and firm.

Cost- 1 area

£250 per session or £450 for two sessions

(upper or lower face, mouth, hands or neck

Cost - 2 areas

£450 per session or £800 for two sessions