iPRF Treatment

Injectable Platelet Rich Fibrin (iPRF) is an all-natural, non-surgical regenerative treatment that utilises the patient’s own blood platelets in order to treat fine lines and wrinkles, volume loss, photo damage, scars, pigmentation, poor texture and hair.

IPRF treatment is similar to PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma), which separates the plasma from the blood before re-injecting it into targeted areas. With iPRF, however, a slower-speed machine, called the iPRF Smart Cell Centrifuge, separates out the plasma. This guarantees a higher quantity of the following key substances:

Leukocytes – these white blood cells aid wound healing and can refine the appearance of scarring.

Platelets – these help with clotting and release growth factors.

Growth factors – these help with cell growth, tissue repair and inflammation. The treatment releases 7 of these.

Fibrin mesh – this protein traps these key substances.

This expert anti ageing facial treatment involves taking a blood sample, separating out the plasma and then placing the essential cells back into the body to start a natural regeneration process. I-PRF doesn’t use anti-coagulants, as these can prevent the platelets from releasing growth factors, so it’s considered a superior alternative to PRP.

The plasma can be introduced to the skin using microneedling, a Meso needle injector or free hand injection.

  • This cutting-edge regenerative anti ageing treatment offers a natural way to help:

    • Restore lost facial volume
    • Reduce the appearance of fine lines, scars and wrinkles
    • Treat pigmentation problems
    • Balance the skin’s texture
    • Target hair loss
    • Rosacea